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PetesPetesPetesPetesPetesPetesPetesPetesPetesPetesPetesPetesPetesPetesPetesPetesPetesPetesPetesPetesPetesPetesPetesPetesPetesPetesPetesPetesPetesPetesPetesPetesPetesPetes[center][size=2]Our business also includes: [b]• TRACTOR(with 4 in 1 Bucket) • • TRACTOR(with Hydraulic Chipper) • • 4x4 Ute with Tipper •[/b][/size][/center] ->Thank you for your Enquiry. We'll get back to you soon to confirm your date and time for your next Maintenance. ITMT "HAVA GREAT DAY from Pete @ Pete's Property Maintenance<- LAWN CARE[center][color=#ffffff].[/color][/center] LAWN REPAIR[center][color=#ffffff].[/color][/center] WEEDS PESTS & DISEASE[center][color=#ffffff].[/color][/center] LAWN WATERING[center][color=#ffffff].[/color][/center] About Pete[center][color=#ffffff].[/color][/center] [center][b][color=#3399ff][size=3]LAWN CARE[/size][/color][/b] [/center] PetesPetesPetes[center][b][color=#000000][font=Trebuchet MS][u]10 Minute Lawn Care[/u][/font][/color][/b][/center] [center][b][font=Trebuchet MS]The Easiest Way To Have A Great Lawn In 10 Minutes[/font][/b][/center] [size=2][font=Trebuchet MS]•10 Minute Lawn Care is a principle which allows us to maintain our lawns with ease, water our lawns correctly for maximum health, and to recognise and treat any problems early. It really is the very best way possible to keep our lawns in the best health possible with the least amount of effort.[/font][/size] [size=2][font=Trebuchet MS]•10 Minute Lawn Care simply involves taking a little time out and going outside into our yards and gardens, taking a walk around and simply checking on things while we enjoy all the beauty and satisfaction that our lawns and gardens provide.[/font][/size] [size=2][font=Trebuchet MS]•10 minutes ([/font][/size][size=2][font=Trebuchet MS]It takes)[/font][/size][size=2][font=Trebuchet MS] out of our hectic lives to take a walk over our lawns to check the general condition of the turf once a week, and in doing so we can quickly and easily maintain our lawns with the tiniest effort, while having a break at the same time and getting back to the real world and enjoyment that our homes and gardens provide to us.[/font][/size] [center][size=2][font=Trebuchet MS][color=#3399ff][b]10 Minute Lawn Care - Here's How It Works[/b][/color][/font][/size][/center] [size=2][font=Trebuchet MS]Take 10 minutes out at the end of the day or on the weekend and get out into the yard, taking a walk over the lawn and look for these things:[/font][/size] [size=2][font=Trebuchet MS][u]Weeds[/u] [/font][/size] [size=2][font=Trebuchet MS]See a weed or 3, pull them out now, it only takes a few seconds and stops weeds from ever overtaking our lawns, while also almost eliminating any need for most weed sprays, and the cost and environmental concerns which may arise from their overuse.[/font][/size] [size=2][font=Trebuchet MS][u]Water[/u] [/font][/size] [size=2][font=Trebuchet MS]Check the leaf of the lawn, if it's wilting then the lawn is telling you it needs another drink of water, so now is the time to give it a healthy watering - and this is the only method we should ever use to determine when our lawns next need watering.[/font][/size] [size=2][font=Trebuchet MS][u]Garden Beds[/u] [/font][/size] [size=2][font=Trebuchet MS]While enjoying your roses, take a look into the garden bed, if lawn runners are beginning to emerge into the garden bed, they are still young and easily removed by hand in just a few seconds. Do it now, and avoid a big garden cleanup in a few months time which may require the use of poisons to kill any invading grass.[/font][/size] [size=2][font=Trebuchet MS][u]Sprinklers[/u] [/font][/size] [size=2][font=Trebuchet MS]If you have a reticulation system, then it's very important to ensure the pop-up sprinklers are free and clear of surrounding soil and overgrowing grass. Otherwise they run the risk of becoming filled with soil and stopping from working, or the overgrown grass restricts the sprinkler from popping up altogether. Either way - it means the lawn gets far less water. If done regularly with 10 Minute Lawn Care, removing a bit of soil or grass from around the sprinkler only takes a few seconds to easily achieve.[/font][/size] [size=2][font=Trebuchet MS][u]Lawn Pests[/u] [/font][/size] [size=2][font=Trebuchet MS]By taking an easy stroll across the lawn, it also allows us to easily see any lawn pest problems in the earliest stages possible. Armyworm, Webworm and Ants are all easily defeated with the least effort and expense, and with the greatest success when they are caught and treated early.[/font][/size] [size=2][font=Trebuchet MS]If you see any of these early stages of lawn pest damage, put it on the list for the weekend, take another few minutes out to apply the pest control and you're all done.[/font][/size] [size=2][font=Trebuchet MS][u]Thatch[/u] [/font][/size] [size=2][font=Trebuchet MS]Strolling over the lawn is also the easiest way to determine if your lawn has excessive thatch build up, and best of all, it takes no extra time to determine this because you can feel it under foot as you walk across the lawn.[/font][/size] [size=2][font=Trebuchet MS]If you've got the early stages of thatch build up, this is most easily and cheaply controlled right now by mowing a little lower at your next lawn mowing. It also avoids the expense and far greater effort required from letting the problem get to the stage that it needs Vertimowing.[/font][/size] [size=2][font=Trebuchet MS][u]General Lawn Health[/u] [/font][/size] [size=2][font=Trebuchet MS]If you're someone who likes to only fertilise when necessary and only a few times per year, then this too fits in perfectly. When we take a few minutes out with our lawns, we can easily see if the lawn is deteriorating in health and may need a little boost with an extra lawn feed. If the lawn has lost it's colour and there is no environmental reason for it happening such as Winter or drought, then the lawn definitely needs some fertiliser. Don't do it now, leave it for the weekend when you can take a few extra minutes to spend enjoying your lawn and garden.[/font][/size][center][b][color=#3399ff]LAWN REPAIR[/color][/b][/center] PetesPetesPetes[center][color=#222222][size=2][font=Trebuchet MS][b]Lawn Aeration - Alternative Methods[/b][/font][/size][/color][/center] [center][size=2][font=Trebuchet MS][b]An alternative method to aerate a lawn[/b][/font][/size][/center] [color=#3399ff][size=2][font=Trebuchet MS][b]Lawn Coring Alternatives[/b][/font][/size][/color] [size=2][font=Trebuchet MS]In most cases, the best possible method of coring a lawn is always the Coring Machine.[/font][/size] [size=2][font=Trebuchet MS]With each tine that enters the soil, a plug is removed, allowing for the greatest possible level of water, nutrient and oxygen absorption. The benefits of using a Coring Machine will continue for a long period of time afterward, while the holes take time to refill themselves. Even after refilling, the same original holes will continue to be far easier flowing for the absorption and flow of soil nutrients, water and oxygen.[/font][/size] [size=2][font=Trebuchet MS]Sometimes, due to cost restrictions, or size restrictions of the lawn area, alternative methods may be considered to aerate our lawns. With these methods, we can no longer refer to the process as coring, because we are not taking "cores" or plugs from the soil. The parent term for the process is Aeration, and that's the term we must use for these processes.[/font][/size] [color=#3399ff][size=2][font=Trebuchet MS][b]Lawn Aeration With A Garden Fork[/b][/font][/size][/color] [size=2][font=Trebuchet MS]For small areas of turf, a garden fork can be used as an aeration method.[/font][/size] [size=2][font=Trebuchet MS]Dig the fork into the soil at least 10cm, now move the fork back and forth to create some nice large holes, while really disturbing the soil underneath the lawn. Breaking up the soil is what needs to be done to remove the effects of compaction. Repeat the process at a maximum of 10 cm apart.[/font][/size] [size=2][font=Trebuchet MS]The method will leave the top of the lawn in a bit of a mess, but that's good, the job really needs to be done properly in order to be effective. Don't worry too much, after one or two mowings, the lawn will return to its regular state of appearance.[/font][/size] [size=2][font=Trebuchet MS]Follow this up with lawn mowing if necessary, ensuring to remove the lawn clippings.[/font][/size] [color=#3399ff][size=2][font=Trebuchet MS][b]Lawn Aeration With A Spiked Roller[/b][/font][/size][/color] [size=2][font=Trebuchet MS]A spiked roller is a steel cylinder containing spikes on the cylinder, a long handle is attached from the sides of the cylinder, it can be hired from most hire shops for a reasonable price.[/font][/size] [size=2][font=Trebuchet MS]It's a very easy method for lawn aeration, simply roll the Spiked roller over the lawn. Because the spikes extrude from a round cylinder, as the roller progresses over the lawn, its spikes in the soil actually break up the soil as it moves. The same process will also rip into the thatch layer of the lawn, pulling some of the thatch to the surface of the lawn.[/font][/size] [size=2][font=Trebuchet MS]Due to its ease of use, a couple or even a few passes will ensure a thorough and good quality job, with minimum effort.[/font][/size] [size=2][font=Trebuchet MS]Follow this up with lawn mowing if necessary, ensuring to remove the lawn clippings.[/font][/size] [color=#3399ff][size=2][font=Trebuchet MS][b]Lawn Fertiliser and Wetting Agents[/b][/font][/size][/color] [size=2][font=Trebuchet MS]Providing we've done the hard work and really broken up the soil underneath the lawn, and left plenty of nice sized holes, it's time to finish the job to get the greatest benefit from our work. So while we've got the soil open, lets get some good things right into the soil, and into the root zone at this prime opportunity.[/font][/size] [size=2][font=Trebuchet MS][b][color=#3399ff]Fertilise[/color][/b] [/font][/size] [size=2][font=Trebuchet MS]Use a good quality lawn fertiliser, and follow the manufacturers application rates, over fertilising can damage lawns and the environment, with no added benefit to the turf, [/font][/size] [size=2][font=Trebuchet MS][color=#3399ff][b]Wetting Agents[/b][/color] [/font][/size] [size=2][font=Trebuchet MS]Aids in the water flow, water distribution, and water retention of the soil. Apply these to manufacturers directions, it doesn't matter if the dosage is exceeded because Wetting Agents cannot damage a lawn. [/font][/size] [size=2][font=Trebuchet MS][color=#3399ff][b]Water[/b][/color] [/font][/size] [size=2][font=Trebuchet MS]Finish by giving the newly aerated lawn a good watering.[/font][/size] [center][b][color=#333399]WEEDS PESTS & DISEASE[/color][/b][/center] PetesPetesPetes[center][color=#3399ff][size=3][font=Trebuchet MS][b]How To Kill Bindii[/b][/font][/size][/color][/center] [size=2][font=Trebuchet MS]Bindii is a low growing weed with carrot-top like leaves, it produces a single flower at its centre, that when matures produces a prickly seed pod. The bindii prickles become easily stuck in our feet and Bindii quickly becomes a weed that everyone hates. Luckily, Bindii weeds can be easily treated and removed by common and easy methods.[/font][/size] [color=#3399ff][size=2][font=Trebuchet MS][b]Bindii Weed Cultural Management[/b][/font][/size][/color] [size=2][font=Trebuchet MS]The continuing life cycle of bindii weeds really can't be controlled by regular lawn mowing since its seed heads and flowers exist below mowing height, even a Cylinder Lawn Mower with low mowing heights can't really remove the seeds and flowers of bindii weeds effectively.[/font][/size] [size=2][font=Trebuchet MS]Hand pulling is an easy and effective treatment for bindii, as well as hoeing over the small seedlings.[/font][/size] [color=#3399ff][size=2][font=Trebuchet MS][b]Bindii Herbicides[/b][/font][/size][/color] [size=2][font=Trebuchet MS]Both Selective and Non Selective Herbicides can be used to easily control bindii. Herbicides are readily available at most nurseries, and are usually supplied in a concentrated form which should be diluted with water before application.[/font][/size] [center][b][color=#3399ff]LAWN WATERING[/color][/b][/center] PetesPetesPetes[center][color=#3399ff][size=3][font=Trebuchet MS][b]How Often To Water Lawns[/b][/font][/size][/color][/center] [color=#65abd4][size=2][font=Trebuchet MS][b]Water Requirements For Lawns[/b][/font][/size][/color] [size=2][font=Trebuchet MS]Generally speaking, water requirements for lawns - including both frequencies and amounts will vary throughout the year as seasons change. So lets take a look at the general principles behind effective lawn watering in any warmer seasons which requires regular watering for the ongoing health of lawns.[/font][/size] [color=#65abd4][size=2][font=Trebuchet MS][b]Lawn Watering Every Day[/b][/font][/size][/color] [size=2][font=Trebuchet MS]This is a always a bad lawn care practice. While the concept may seem to make sense by ensuring the lawn always has adequate access to water, it is in fact a highly detrimental practice. Watering lawns each day in small quantities encourages a shallow root system in the lawn, meaning that any time a hot day arrives, or the lawn is deprived of its daily dose of water, the roots can dry out very quickly, sending the lawn into shock or even sudden death due to this heat stress.[/font][/size] [size=2][font=Trebuchet MS]The second reason watering lawns daily is a bad choice is that the water is always sitting very close to the surface of the grass. On hot days, a lot of water will be lost due to evaporation, thus depriving the lawn of even more water, and increasing the possibility of risking the damage mentioned above.[/font][/size] [size=2][font=Trebuchet MS]Deeper watering every day is also a problem, much of the water will simply go to waste, returning to the water table. In some soil types, the soil will actually hold onto the water near the surface, making the grass weak and at high risk of damage, prone to drowning from lack of oxygen in the soil, and prone to diseases and weeds. As well as becoming a safety hazard due to the slipperiness of the soil and lawn.[/font][/size] [color=#65abd4][size=2][font=Trebuchet MS][b]Water Lawns Deeply[/b][/font][/size][/color] [size=2][font=Trebuchet MS]This is the first rule to follow in a correct watering regimen. Deep watering allows the turf roots to follow the water deeper into the ground, ensuring greater safety for the lawn to heat strain in hot weather, and greatly removing the possibility of roots drying out. Water will also remain in the ground for longer at a deeper level as there is very little evaporation.[/font][/size] [size=2][font=Trebuchet MS]Watering deeply will use different amounts of water in different regions and in different seasons, so giving an exact time for watering is near impossible. The turf owner should monitor their lawn’s health and adjust times to achieve the desired result with least water wastage.[/font][/size] [color=#65abd4][size=2][font=Trebuchet MS][b]Lawn Watering Frequencies[/b][/font][/size][/color] [size=2][font=Trebuchet MS]Again, the first consideration will be seasons and regions. None to little water in Winter, more regular watering in Spring and Autumn, and more frequent watering in Summer.[/font][/size] [size=2][font=Trebuchet MS]The best regimen for watering frequencies in Summer would be no more than one watering in the morning, twice a week. However, for a peak low use and deep watering system, even this amount of water should be aimed to be even further reduced.[/font][/size] [size=2][font=Trebuchet MS]And the best way to know when to water lawns is when the lawn leaf begins to wilt and slightly discolour, then it’s time for another nice deep drink of water. It’s always best practice to let the lawn tell us when it’s time for a drink, rather than us telling the lawn, by implementing our own preferred watering frequency regimen.[/font][/size] [size=2][font=Trebuchet MS]When combined with applying the correct amount of water to achieve a deep watering, this lawn care regimen will produce a beautiful lush green lawn with a nice deep root system, which is far more heat and drought tolerant.[/font][/size][center][color=#3399ff][b]About Pete[/b][/color][/center] Petes[center][color=#3399ff][size=2][b]Versatility is the corner-stone of[/b][/size][/color][/center] [center][color=#3399ff][size=2][b]Pete’s Property Maintenance[/b][/size][/color][/center] [size=2][font=Trebuchet MS]Pete’s wide range of experience in so many aspects of garden maintenance, reliability and fair pricing are what makes him stand-out among his peers.[/font][/size] [size=2][font=Trebuchet MS] [/font][/size] [size=2][font=Trebuchet MS]Customer relations can only be built up by strong work ethics, punctuality and communicating with clients; Pete’s Property Maintenance does this in spades. That’s why I’ve used him to do all sorts of gardening jobs around my property.[/font][/size] [size=2][font=Trebuchet MS] [/font][/size] [size=2][font=Trebuchet MS]I know that Pete got the gardening ‘bug’ from about the age of 6y, when he started mowing his parent’s 3-acre property to earn pocket money. As he grew older, some of the neighbours called on him to help out and so his range of tools and experience grew as well.[/font][/size] [size=2][font=Trebuchet MS] [/font][/size] [size=2][font=Trebuchet MS]Pete is one of those perfectionists that had always given me a feeling of complete satisfaction when he finishes the work I’ve asked him to do, knowing that it has been done properly and with the range of gear he has, the price will be a fair one. [/font][/size] Petes

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