FREE_SAMPLEFREE_SAMPLEFREE_SAMPLEFREE_SAMPLEFREE_SAMPLEFREE_SAMPLEFREE_SAMPLEFREE_SAMPLEFREE_SAMPLEFREE_SAMPLEFREE_SAMPLEFREE_SAMPLEFREE_SAMPLEFREE_SAMPLEFREE_SAMPLEFREE_SAMPLEFREE_SAMPLEFREE_SAMPLEFREE_SAMPLEFREE_SAMPLEFREE_SAMPLEFREE_SAMPLEFREE_SAMPLEFREE_SAMPLEFREE_SAMPLE->**Thank you for your request for a FREE DIGICARD SAMPLE.** Our innovative crew will be working on a custom designed **DigiCard** for you based on the information you've provided here. Concept & Design can take from 5 to 7 business days to complete. And yes,we are perfectionists so we'd like to get the mix right the first time around. Should you have any special request that you've missed in your submission, please feel free to call Leon on 0466 210 870. Callers outside Australia please DIAL +61 466 210 870 Remember, **DigiCards** do away with paper business cards. FYI, it takes ONE TREE to produce 25,000 business cards ..... that's only 25 businesses. How many businesses are there in your street? **We** promote conservation and so will you when you switch to **DigiCards**. **No More Business Cards !!! ** And BTW, you'll go into the draw to WIN a 5DAY-4NITE LUXURY ACCOMODATION for 2 Adults & 2 Children at a location of your choice from our promotion. Check the T & C's and the places on offer subject to Govt. Border Regulations. We'll be in touch soon, in the meantime, have a wonderful day from Crew @ DigiPix Australia Pty Ltd ABN 84 600 998 721<- FREE_SAMPLEFREE_SAMPLEFREE_SAMPLEFREE_SAMPLEFREE_SAMPLEFREE_SAMPLEFREE_SAMPLEFREE_SAMPLEFREE_SAMPLEFREE_SAMPLE